Rahul Chalamala Projects


Explore the ML Research Landscape
Enabled users to visualize their research papers with 40,000+ ML papers using semantic similarity, React.js, JavaScript, Python, GPT-3.5, and UMAP.

    Dream with Vision Pro

    Text-to-3D in VisionOS
    Engineered a text-to-3D generation tool using the Apple VisionOS SDK and Python and won the Scale AI Prize at the Scale Generative AI Hackathon.


      Caltech Course Scheduling Simplified
      Developed a course scheduler with React.js, TypeScript, and Python, adopted by over 80% of undergraduates for its extensive data availability.


        Metaheuristic Optimization in 2D and 3D
        Demonstrated the procedures of metaheuristic algorithms for 2D and 3D function optimization using React.js, Javascript, and the Geogebra API.