Rahul Chalamala Projects

MLMap.xyz — Explore the ML Research Landscape

Enabled users to visualize their research papers with 40,000+ ML papers using semantic similarity, React.js, JavaScript, Python, GPT-3.5, and UMAP.

    Dream with Vision Pro — Text-to-3D in VisionOS

    Engineered a text-to-3D generation tool using the Apple VisionOS SDK and Python and won the Scale AI Prize at the Scale Generative AI Hackathon.

      caltech.dev — Caltech Course Scheduling Simplified

      Developed a course scheduler with React.js, TypeScript, and Python, adopted by over 80% of undergraduates for its extensive data availability.

        OptiView — Metaheuristic Optimization in 2D and 3D

        Demonstrated the procedures of metaheuristic algorithms for 2D and 3D function optimization using React.js, Javascript, and the Geogebra API.